Lee Young Ji impressed by Park Bo Young’s small and lovely appearance (Nothing Much Prepared)

Actress Park Bo Young showcased her overwhelming cuteness in front of rapper Lee Young Ji.

On July 21st, Park Bo Young appeared on the Youtube content “Nothing Much Prepared” as a guest.

When the doorbell rang, Lee Young Ji exclaimed, “She’s so cute”, upon seeing Park Bo Young on the front door camera. She said, “Did we turn the AC on? I’m so nervous”, as she couldn’t hide her excitement for Park Bo Young’s appearance.

As soon as the actress showed up, the staff applauded and cheered enthusiastically because of her extraordinary cuteness and charming visual. Lee Young Ji introduced, “Today ‘nation’s little sister’ meets ‘nation’s little sister’”, and Park Bo Young replied, “Okay”, drawing laughter.

In particular, Lee Young Ji looked at Park Bo Young and commented, “You have a strong presence. I thought you’re not going to be this short, but you’re shockingly cute”. She said, “First, I need to take this overwhelming feeling down”, then told Park Bo Young to drink like the concept of “Nothing Much Prepared”. Park Bo Young confessed, “I got drunk after three shots of soju. I go home if I’m drunk. I secure my cell phone on the back side”.

Park Bo Young’s small and cute shoes attracted Lee Young Ji’s attention. Lee Young Ji accidentally found out that Park Bo Young’s canvas shoes were really small in size. In fact, Park Bo Young’s foot size of 215 mm is considered small for an adult woman. Lee Young Ji compared Park Bo Young’s shoes with the director’s shoes, which are 290 mm in size, and said, “I’m sorry but, your feet are so small and precious. So different from our director’s”.

However, Lee Young Ji cautiously asked, “Do you feel stressed from this? Because it’s so small, and people always exclaim like, ‘So cute’?”. In response, Park Bo Young said, “Because I’m small, I can hide and run well. So I walk in the crowd”.

Noticing that Park Bo Young kept looking at her with amazement, Lee Young Ji said, “You look so curious about me”. Park Bo Young replied, “Because I like you. I talked about it in my podcast a long time ago. I saw your Instagram story. I watched ‘High School Rapper’ and realized, ‘Ah, is this hip hop?’. I’ve liked you since then”.

Receiving Park Bo Young’s compliments, Lee Young Ji said, “If I don’t drink any, I can’t speak if I see pretty girls”, then offered Park Bo Young to drink. Although the staff gave Park Bo Young a regular-sized beer glass, her face was still completely covered by it. The actress’s small face once again drew admiration from everyone on the set.

Source: Nate

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