Lee Sung Kyung, “I gained 10kg when acting as Bok Joo. I ate a lot so I bulked up and gained muscles”

Actress Lee Sung Kyung revealed that she gained more than 10kg during the filming of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”.

On May 27th, the Youtube channel of Allure Korea uploaded a new video titled “First time on Allure Self Profile, Why is Lee Sung-kyung doing an interview in a costume truck?”.

In the video, Lee Sung Kyung spent time writing her own profile. First, she said, “My name means ‘the bible’”, adding “Ever since I was in my mom’s tummy, both my parents are devout Christians. Boy or girl, they wanted to name the baby ‘Sung Kyung’ so that the child lives according to the bible”.

The actress wrote 174.4cm as her height. She explained, “If I measure in the morning, sometimes it’s 175. I may have grown taller”, adding “But recently, I went for a health checkup. It was around there.”


Lee Sung Kyung said, “The best way to bring out my overflowing energy and charms is when the ‘Dr. Romantic’ team gets together”. She added, “When we gather, we vibe really well so I tend to be hyper and cute. No one believes it, but I get shy easily. Only when I’m with my closest friends, especially with the crazy Doldam members, we go all out together”.

When asked about the thing she did to become an actress, Lee Sung Kyung said, “When I was Bok Joo of ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’, I worked hard at weightlifting and it makes me lose weight easily. So I had to eat constantly to maintain the muscles”, adding “I kept losing weight but my character had to increase her weight class so I needed time to do it. You may think that Bok Joo only gained 4kg, but I actually gained more than 10kg then.”

She continued, “Of course, the drama showed scenes of me lifting weights and running. The filming was a workout itself. I ate a lot so I bulked up and gained muscle mass”, adding, “I think I was 13kg heavier compared to now. I tried to do my best”, showing her passion in acting.

Source: Naver

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