Lee Sun-kyun “Did Not Refuse To Make Police A Statement, Will Answer In Next Summon”

Actor Lee Sun-kyun opened up about the news that he “exercised the right to refuse to make a statement” in the first investigation.

On the afternoon of October 28th, Lee Sun-kyun attended the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station five days after his appointment and was questioned by the police.

Lee Sun-kyun said on the same day, “I apologize for disappointing many people due to my involvement in an unpleasant incident. Above all, I apologize once again to everyone who has trusted and supported me so far. I feel sorry for my family who are suffering so hard at this moment.”

lee sun kyun

Lee Sun-kyun submitted his mobile phone to the police and took a drug test.

After completing the investigation, he said, “I have responded well to the requests necessary for the next formal investigation. I am informed that the next summon will be made soon, so I will answer faithfully at that time.”

On the same day, Lee Sun-kyun reportedly refused to make a statement about questions related to drug use and threatening complaints.

In response, Park Sung-chul, his lawyer, said over the phone with Xspots News on the 29th, “Yesterday, we understood it as an inspection schedule. All requests for inspection were met. There is an investigation related to the prosecution and an interrogation of the suspect, and our client said he would make a statement in the next formal investigation.”

He also stressed, “Some media outlets say he exercised the right to refuse to make statements, but our client Source: daum

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