Lee Sun-bin, who once appeared in Jungkey’s “I Don’t Want” MV, has now become a famous actress with her impressive performance in “Work Later, Drink Now”

Korean media recalled the old MV of Jungkey’s “I Don’t Want” in which Lee Sun-bin portrayed a sad breakup and praised the actress’ current acting performances.

Xports News introduces movie-like music videos through the “Masterpiece Music Videos” corner to remind the readers of the best hits of the time and popular stars. The more we loved someone, the fiercer we hate them. This masterpiece music video of “I Don’t Want”, the title song of Jungkey’s first single “LISH” released in June 2016, adds more sadness to the story of a painful breakup. Lee So-jung, a former member of Ladies Code, also participated in this song as a featuring singer.

I Don’t Want” is a song about the pain that one feels after a breakup and the happy memories of their past love. “The day when we first met, the times when we hugged each other warmly, we can’t turn back everything again. We know so well that we don’t want it anymore”

I Don’t Want

The song describes how one feels after breaking up with their lover in detail, drawing great sympathy from listeners. Moreover, Lee So-jung’s unique and calm voice was added to maximize the emotions of the song. 

The music video also depicts the pain of a couple who have just broken up with each other and the beautiful time of their past love at the same time. The appearance of a man and a woman wandering on the street when they couldn’t hold onto their lovers to their memories of love increased the immersion of this MV.

I Don’t Want

Lee Sun-bin and Lee Yi-kyung appeared as actors in this music video and perfectly portrayed a breakup. The two’s passionate and emotional performances shone through the beautiful scenes showing memories of the past love and the couple’s appearance of longing and not being able to forget each other after their breakup.

6 years after this collaboration, Lee Sun-bin and Lee Yi-kyung have steadily accumulated experience through acting activities and established themselves as famous actors. The two actors are drawing attention for their irreplaceable presence in the film industry with their ability to digest different characters in various genres.

In particular, Lee Sun-bin stands out with her excellent performances. Through TVing’s original series Work Later, Drink Now”, which aired last year, Lee Sun-bin gained huge love by playing Ahn So-hee, an entertainment writer who loves alcohol but is passionate about her work more than anyone else. Lee Sun-bin’s acting got recognized thanks to her impressive transformation when portraying the cheerful and affectionate character Ahn So-hee.

Lee Sun-bin is scheduled to appear in tvN’s new variety show, which will air on the 11th of this month, together with Jung Eun-ji and Han Sun-hwa, who also play main characters in “Work Later, Drink Now”. Attention is focusing on what kind of synergy will the three actresses, who captivated the viewers with their on-screen chemistry, show on this variety program.

Lee Sun-bin Lee Kwang-soo

In addition, Lee Sun-bin has been dating actor Lee Kwang-soo since 2018. Lee Sun-binLee Kwang-soo is considered one of the representative long-term couples in the Korean entertainment industry. After meeting each other for the first time on SBS’s program “Running Man”, the two developed into real lovers and received many congratulations from the public. Since then, the two are supported by netizens as they continue to publicly reveal their appearances and encourage each other through messages on their SNS accounts.

Meanwhile, Jungkey is recognized as a representative musician who provides comfort and empathy to listeners with his unique lyrics and warm music. This music producer has made many extraordinary performances, showing new aspects through collaborations with famous vocalists and steadily carrying out music activities. With his songs that can touch the hearts of music fans and share deep empathy, Jungkey is raising netizens’ expectations for more music products from him in the future.

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