Lee Seyoung’s Ideal Type Among Football Players: Son Heungmin vs Lee Kangin 

Lee Seyoung engaged in various conversations with AI about herself

On December 8th, a video of Lee Seyoung‘s episode of ‘My Kode’ was uploaded on Naver TV’s ‘KODE’ channel. In the video, Lee Seyoung had various conversations with the AI, DIDI. 

The conversation delved into more serious topics. When asked about awards she aspires to win, Lee Seyoung expressed her desire for supporting roles in large productions and later, receiving recognition for her contributions as she ages. 

In the ‘Meme Kode’ segment, Lee Seyoung discussed being a fan of IU, expressing her admiration for IU’s talent in acting and singing. She joyfully shared her experience of IU responding to her DMs, expressing her love and admiration for IU’s charm.

Responding to a question about potentially becoming the last member of NewJeans, Lee Seyoung promptly said, ‘Yes, of course. I’ll do my best if given the chance.’

Reflecting on her past acting experience with child actress Park Eunbin, Lee Seyoung remembered the playful fights during their younger years, praising Park Eunbin’s kindness and gentleness.

Regarding the video of her congratulating Son Heung-min, Lee Se-young shared, “At the moment when his 100th goal went in, I was genuinely thrilled, sliding on my knees. However, it seemed a bit sarcastic. So, I retook it several times. As I kept doing it, it became awkward, and that’s how it turned out.” 

She then did an “Ideal Type World Cup” for football players. In the ‘Son Heung-min vs. Lee Kang-in‘ match, she chose Lee Kang-in. However, in the final match ‘Lee Kang-in vs. Zlatan,’ she showed uncertainty, saying, “I don’t know what to do. Zlatan. I like him so much. He’s too good. I prefer Zlatan.”

Moving on to recent updates in the ‘Now Kode’ segment, Lee Se-young is currently starring in the MBC drama ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.’ She expressed gratitude for positive responses, “Many people are watching and liking it. There’s many episodes left, so I hope you continue to watch.” 

Discussing her character’s transition from the Joseon era to modern times, she mentioned, “The best thing when Yeon-woo came from Joseon to modern times was the freedom from all constraints. What couldn’t be done in Joseon is possible, enjoyable, and pleasing in modern times. The biggest point to watch is when they realize each other’s feelings, when they kiss, hold hands, you know. I think it will be revealed soon.”

Answering fan questions in the ‘Next Code’ segment, Lee Se-young revealed, “The best chemistry I had on screen was with actor Bae In-hyuk, no matter what others say. But if we exclude this drama, it’s Yoo Seung-ho.” 

Wrapping up the interview, Lee Se-young said, “Today was fun. Let’s meet again next time. Please show a lot of interest in the drama ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract,’ and I’ll work hard in the future.”

Source: daum

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