IVE Jang Won Young’s expression changed as she thought she made a big accident on the recent live broadcast

Jang Won Young was greatly embarrassed after making a mistake on IVE’s live broadcast

On March 28th, IVE held a surprise live broadcast on their official SNS channel to commemorate the release of the song “Kitsch” from their first full album “I’ve IVE”.

Released on the 27th, “Kitsch” immediately swept No.1 place on Melon and other major music sites.


The members said, “Is the song good?”, “How was ‘Kitsch’?”, etc., raising expectations for fans’ responses. Jang Won Young continued, “We worked really hard to prepare and film the music video”.

They also promoted their first full album. The members emphasized, “The whole album will be released on April 10th”.

When Jang Won Young said, “There will be 11 songs…”, the members looked surprised because they thought Jang Won Young spoiled the number of tracks in the album. They reacted, “We can’t say it, right?”, “You said it too confidently”, “There are 15 songs. No, 20 songs”, etc. Jang Won Young asked, “Really? That’s a lie…”, then went speechless.

In fact, the number of tracks had already been announced. Netizens who saw the broadcast commented, “It’s already been released but they’re so cute”, “Her appearance when looking surprised was so cute”, “The kids are going to cry”, “It’s so funny when she changed her expression thinking she caused a big accident”, etc.

Source: Wikitree

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