Amid music revenue controversy, Lee Seung Gi’s past remark about visiting a psychiatrist for panic disorder treatment is being re-examined

Netizens brought up a past broadcast in which Lee Seung Gi confessed about his mental health.

In October last year, Lee Seung Gi met with Dr. Oh Eun Young, a psychiatrist, on a broadcast of JTBC’s “Master in the House” and revealed that he had been receiving panic disorder treatment.

Lee Seung Gi said, “Can I tell this honestly?”. He hesitated for a while then confessed, “I’ve received psychotherapy. Before enlisting in the military, I felt abnormalities in my body that was more serious than normal frustration. I went to an oriental medicine clinic because I fell sick, and had an MRI examination. But there was nothing wrong with my body”. 

Lee Seung-gi

According to the actor, people around him suggested going to a psychiatrist, but it was not easy for him to do that. He said, “Psychiatric clinic is not a place you can visit like a local internal medicine office. I would have to be careful with people’s gaze. Even when I visited a psychiatrist, I didn’t tell them everything. I instinctively defended myself and closed my heart to some extent”.

In response, Dr. Oh Eun Young said, “This can possibly happen. It’s not easy for people to open up about themselves”, adding “Many people say they won’t go to psychiatric clinics. However, that’s where you can get advice for your daily life”. She then gave some advice.

Lee Seung-gi

On the broadcast, Lee Seung Gi also underwent the MMPI Test. MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) is one of the most widely used psychological tests at psychiatric counseling centers.

While taking the test, Lee Seung Gi confessed, “There were times when I got tired because of things that I couldn’t understand. When I feel okay and the atmosphere around me is also good, I can’t refuse others’ requests and easily promise to help others. Then I felt tired many times”.

He continued, “While trying to help others, I tend to get frustrated and often reflect on myself. I’m afraid I’ll disappoint them.”

Dr. Oh Eun Young said to Lee Seung Gi, “You’re a selfless, sincere and responsible man. You take care of things that benefit others rather than yourself”, adding “You have faith and confidence in your ability when someone asks for your help.”

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She then advised, “People have to solve their own problems”, adding “When things go wrong, you should know whether to give up or not. It’s your responsibility to protect your own self.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is having a dispute with his agency HOOK Entertainment over music revenue. According to Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative, Lee Seung Gi made more than 10 billion won in profits by releasing 137 songs in 18 years from 2004, but he has not received any payments from HOOK. In addition, it is known that Lee Seung Gi also heard abusive remarks from HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young.

Source: Nate

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