Fresh past photos of “Park Seo Joon’s rumored lover” xooos were re-examined

The fresh trainee days of YouTuber-singer xooos, who became a hot topic due to dating rumors with actor Park Seo Joon, were re-examined.

Recently, on TikTok, a video of xooos appearing on JTBC’s public audition program “MIXNINE” was released and attracted netizens’ attention.

In the video, 5 years ago’s xooos was fresh and young, unlike her current appearance.


In the re-examined past video, her current clear and impressive features remain intact even on her youthful face.

She appeared at the audition under her real name “Kim Soo Yeon”.

Introducing herself as a person with a cheerful and eccentric charm, she sang 2NE1’s “It Hurts” and showed her outstanding singing skills.


Besides, she presented powerful and sexy dance moves on the agency group stage. However, xooos was unfortunately eliminated in the first round of “MIXNINE”.

xooos made her acting debut in the 2015 drama “The Producers”. Afterwards, she started working as a singer by releasing the single album “Rainbow” in 2017. She also released albums such as “Love Doll”, “Naked” and “Light Switch”.

Recently, she released the album “Made In Heart” last May.


She is continuing her career as a singer by performing at the “Tone & Music Festival 2023” held on July 4th.

Meanwhile, xooos (born in 1994) owns a model-like body ratio with her tall height of 172cm.

She currently runs the YouTube channel “xooos” and is a popular YouTuber with 1.61 million subscribers.

She is receiving a lot of love by uploading pop song cover videos on the channel. It is known that the number of subscribers and views rapidly increased as the video “Light Switch – Charlie Puth (xooos cover)” gained popularity.

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