Lee Seung Gi’s double joy, reunites with “The Attorney” director Yang Woo Suk in new film “Myeonmyeonmyeon”

New groom Lee Seung Gi is expected to reunite with director Yang Woo Suk of “The Attorney”.

According to the film industry on April 10th, Lee Seung Gi is positively discussing to appear in director Yang Woo Suk’s new film “Myeonmyeonmyeon”. “Myeonmyeonmyeon” is a work based on the life of Samyang Foods’ chairman Jeon Jung Yoon, who developed Korea’s first ramen. It is a movie that Yang Woo Suk, who directed “The Attorney” and “Steel Rain”, will present after “About Family”. Director Yang Woo Suk has been preparing “Myeonmyeonmyeon” after “Steel Rain 2: Summit”.


Earlier, director Yang Woo Suk and Lee Seung Gi worked together through “About Family”. “About Family” tells the story of an elite medical student who decides to leave his single father behind to become a Buddhist monk. Kim Yoon Seok plays the father and Lee Seung Gi plays the son. The reason Lee Seung Gi shaved his head when attending the 2022 KBS Drama Awards was because he was filming “About Family”. Lee Seung Gi later participated in JTBC’s entertainment program “Peak Time” wearing a wig.

Director Yang Woo Suk and Lee Seung Gi are said to have agreed to work together in “Myeonmyeonmyeon” due to high trust in each other in “About Family”. However, director Yang Woo Suk is working on post-production right after filming “About Family” and “Myeonmyeonmyeon” is currently in the process of casting, so the full-fledged pre-production work is expected to begin in the second half of this year.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi tied the knot with actress Lee Da In on April 7th. Lee Seung Gi does not go on his honeymoon right away and focuses on his main job for the time being. After wrapping up “Peak Time”, Lee Seung Gi will hold the tour concert “The Dreamers Dream-Chapter 2” starting in Seoul on May 4th and touring 7 Asian countries.

Source: daum

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