Lee Seung Gi shaved his head because of “this work”

Actor Lee Seung Gi won Best Couple Award and Grand Award (Daesang) thanks to the drama "The Law Cafe" at the "2022 KBS Drama Awards" held at KBS Hall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Dec 31st.

He surprised everyone by appearing with a shaved head at the awards ceremony. It was speculated that he had his hair cut short due to a change in personal state of mind caused by the recent conflict with his former agency (Hook Entertainment).

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Perhaps conscious of this, Lee Seung Gi delivered his acceptance speech, “Many people speculated that it was because of personal reasons or a change in personal state of mind, but it’s not at all. I play the role of the chief monk in the movie ‘Big Family’ that I’m currently filming. I hope you don’t misunderstand.” He blocked any misunderstandings and even promoted his next work at the same time.


The movie “Big Family” mentioned by Lee Seung Gi was selected as his next film and is currently being filmed. Because of its unique plot and setting, it attracted attention from viewers along with the production news.

“Big Family” is a comedy human film about family. It is known that it tells the story of an elite medical student (Lee Seung Gi) who decides to leave his single father behind to become a Buddhist monk.

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Kim Yoon Seok, who achieved success with “Escape from Mogadishu” and is about to release “Noryang”, will appear as Lee Seung Gi’s father in “Big Family”.

The director of “Big Family” is Yang Woo Suk, who directed the “Steel Rain” series. Lee Seung Gi challenged the screen through the 2014 film “Love Forecast” and the 2018 film “The Princess and the Matchmaker”, but was not well-received. Therefore, attention is being paid to whether he will be able to achieve his first box office success with this work.

Source: Daum

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