Lee Se-young Confesses Her Admiration For IU, “She Is Just So Lovely”

Actress Lee Se-young once again confirmed herself as a big fan of singer-actress IU

On December 8th, the YouTube channel “KODE” uploaded a new video of the content “My KODE” featuring actress Lee Se-young. “My KODE” is conducted as a 1:1 interview with AI.

Lee Se-young looked back on her famous memes in the “MEME KODE” section. In particular, she noticed the meme called “Lee Se-young proving to be IU’s fan”. 

Revealing that she was a fan of IU in the past and hoped to have an opportunity to act with her, Lee Se-young shared, “I have always longed to meet IU but it never happened”.

She smiled shyly and said, “I have sent her so many DMs and she liked my post. She followed me back. You’re jealous, right?”.

lee se young

Lee Se-young added, “She is just gorgeous. She is just so lovely. How is she so cute when she talks and sings? I just love her so much”, expressing her affection for IU.

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young is appearing in MBC’s Fri-Sat drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” as Park Yeon-woo, a 19th-century Confucian girl who travels to the year 2023 after being thrown into a well.

Source: Nate

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