Lee Sang Woo, “Wife Kim So Yeon is free these days… We enjoy the rural life in Yangpyeong? That’s not true”

Actor Lee Sang Woo revealed stories of his daily life with his wife Kim So Yeon.

The June 7th broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star” featured Lee Sang Woo, Solbi, Park Hyo Joon, and Kim Ah Young as guests.

lee sang woo

Regarding special MC Lee Soo Ji, Lee Sang Woo said, “I heard her name from my wife. So Yeon doesn’t have many friends, but if she talks about someone, that means they are pretty close.”

Lee Soo Ji then said, “I acted in the drama ‘Falling for Innocence’ with Kim So Yeon unnie. She told me to take good care of Lee Sang Woo on the show”, boasting about her friendship with Kim So Yeon.

lee sang woo

When Kim Guk Jin wondered, “Is Kim So Yeon an active person?”, Lee Sang Woo replied, “She’s not really active. So Yeon likes staying at home. She doesn’t meet friends very often”. Yoo Se Yoon also asked, “Isn’t she busy with dramas these days? What does she do these days?”. In response, Lee Sang Woo said, “After filming all the dreams, she appeared on various programs. She’s currently free now”, revealing Kim So Yeon’s whereabouts.

Kim Gu Ra commented, “They’re known as a celebrity couple with a good reputation. They live in Seoul but enjoy the rural lifestyle, in places like Yangpyeong”. Hearing that Lee Sang Woo shook his head and laughed, saying “No, that’s not true.”

Lee Soo Ji hinted at Kim So Yeon’s daily patterns, saying “She sometimes goes to eat tteokbokki in front of her house, or visit a good restaurant nearby”. Lee Sang Woo nodded, saying “She keeps going around to eat something.”

lee sang woo

Earlier, Lee Sang Woo released his self-composed “shart song” on an entertainment program. As a result, he is nicknamed “shark songwriter” rather than a singer-songwriter.

The actor explained, “I learned guitar a little bit when I was in high school, so I can play only a few chords. I thought I could sing if I made songs with easy chords. Then, the shark I was raising died and it became an inspiration.”

Revealing that the self-composed song titled “How Should Sharks Live?” was born as the shark raised in my company’s pond died, Lee Sang Woo added, “Coincidentally, there was a guitar next to the company’s pond. So the song came out just in time of that moment.”

lee sang woo

Kim Gu Ra asked, “Don’t you only sing this song when you appear on variety shows? Do you sing it in your daily life?”, Lee Sang Woo replied, “I rarely sing it. Sometimes I sing it at home to practice before appearing on shows. Then, So Yeon likes it so much that she starts listening to me singing the song”, showing off their sweet daily life.

In addition, Lee Sang Woo said, “‘How Should Sharks Live?’ is my first song. After that, as both the shark and the crayfish died, we ended up raising a goldfish. Inspired by that experience, I created the song ‘Now I Kind of Understand Why People Raise Goldfish’”. He smiled and added, “This is the last song. After singing it, it felt like I had heard it somewhere before, and I didn’t feel good about it”. Lee Sang Woo then captivated viewers by performing the two songs he made.

Source: Daum

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