ITZY Lia still joins the group’s activities as scheduled after the rumored school bullying scandal

ITZY Lia will appear on the pre-recorded broadcast as scheduled. And on June 16, Lia may turn up in the fashion brand Burberry’s special show at 8 pm as scheduled.

Lia has recently been embroiled in allegations of school violence as netizen A has been claiming to the internet community since 2018 that she was bullied by Lia’s group while she was in middle school. In response to this, Lia’s agency sued A, who wrote the comment last December, for defamation by false and timely information to request a re-investigation.


After intervening, the police said they did not claim the content of the article (that Lia was the perpetrator of school violence) to be true, just that there was no evidence it was fabricated. The investigation also failed to find out whether there was school violence.

The agency explained; “We don’t think there should be any victims who have been unfairly treated. But at the same time, I don’t think there should be any victims of untrue or distorted revelations.”

ITZY, to which Lia belongs, will attend the CJ ENM Untact K-Culture Festival ‘KCON:TACT 4 U’, which will be broadcast online on June 24, and the 27th Dream Concert to be held non-face-to-face on June 26. On July 4th, a face-to-face fan signing event to celebrate the release of the ‘GUESS WHO’ album is also ahead.

Source: Newsen

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