Thought it was a secret, who would have thought that Taecyeon (2PM) had accidentally shown his girlfriend’s face

In Korean showbiz, public affection is one of the sensitive things for artists, especially idols. However, Taecyeon (2PM) is willing to admit to dating a girlfriend who is an outsider of the entertainment industry. Not only that, the male idol from 2PM did not hesitate to walk with his lover holding hands many times, despite many eyes of the public.

This image has become a hot topic on SNS, making people curious about the identity of the lucky girlfriend who has the heart of a 2PM member. Because his girlfriend is an office worker and does not work in the entertainment industry, fans do not have many clues. But it turns out that on August 22, 2020, Taecyeon accidentally revealed his girlfriend’s face on his SNS. At that time, Taecyeon posted a video of a small party with family members. He also revealed that there was an “important guest” in attendance, leading fans to suspect that Taecyeon brought his girlfriend back to his family after 4 years of dating.

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Taecyeon and his girlfriend have been together for the 4th year now
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The 2PM member shows off a small family party with a special guest – said to be his girlfriend

The fan’s suspicions were further confirmed when many people discovered a person’s shadow accidentally appeared … in the soup pot. Netizens think it’s a girl and this is Taecyeon’s girlfriend. Having brought her home to introduce her family and still publicizing in front of the media like this, will there soon be a wedding?

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People “see” the shadow of a girl in the clip he posted on his SNS
taecyeon 2pm 2937162371938011
Netizens think this is the male idol’s girlfriend outside the industry

Not long ago, a friend of Taecyeon also revealed that the male idol and his girlfriend are very passionate about each other. During the time when Taecyeon enlisted in the army, whenever he had free time and was on leave, he would spend time with his girlfriend. According to this friend, up to now, the couple has been dating for 4 years. Before this information, fans are looking forward to the official date of seeing Taecyeon’s “sister-in-law” face and receiving good news of Taecyeon.

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The male idol comfortably dated, brought his girlfriend home to meet his family, making everyone look forward to the happy day of the couple. This series of sweet photos caused a storm on social networks yesterday (September 13).
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