Lee Kwang-soo exploded as he couldn’t guess any song on “Amazing Saturday”, from the OSTs of his own works to his girlfriend Lee Sun-bin’s drama OST

Lee Kwang-soo failed to guess the OSTs of the drama starring his lover Lee Sun-bin as well as his drama. 

Lee Kwang-soo and Seol-hyun guested on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday – DoReMi Market”, which aired on April 23rd. 

The two recently paired up in the new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Killer’s Shopping List”. Everyone was shocked when Seol-hyun revealed that she finally formed a relationship with Lee Kwang-soo in the drama after having a crush on him for 20 years. Lee Kwang-soo got embarrassed and asked, “Why are you guys making a fuss?”. Seolhyun explained, “He looked smart when he was younger. He was a genius”. Upon hearing this, Kwang-soo said, “This hurts me even more. What did I do wrong?”.

Although it was Seol-hyun’s third time appearing on the show, she got so excited this time since she’s a fan of Tae-yeon. Revealing that she heard off of Taeyeon’s songs and even went to concerts, Seol-hyun confessed, “I come here to be taken care of”. In response, Tae-yeon said, “I’m not good at multi-tasking but I’ll take care of you”

In the first round, Turbo’s “Forbidden Game (금지된 장난)” was presented. Lee Kwang-soo, who is Kim Jong-kook’s close brother, was determined to get the right answer no matter what. Kim Dong-hyun surprised everyone as he made the one-shot (the cast/guest who jotted down the closest answer to the correct answer on the first listen). However, after discussing and guessing, they failed their first and second attempts. Moon Se-yoon then used the hint to see if the word he guessed was right. In the end, everyone decided to believe in Moon Se-yoon and they succeeded in the last attempt.

The snack game was a quiz about OSTs. Seol-hyun was the first person to win a snack. The second question was the OST of “High Kick”, starring Lee Kwang-soo, but Lee Kwang-soo had no idea. Next, “It’s Okay, That’s Love” OST sung by Davichi came out. This is also a drama in which Lee Kwang-soo performed as one of the main characters, but he also didn’t notice the song this time. He only recognized the song after hearing Boom’s hint and other wrong answers. The snack for that quiz eventually went to Tae-yeon, who even got the punctuation mark correctly. In fact, Lee Kwang-soo even failed to guess the OST of the drama “Work Later, Drink Now” starring his lover Lee Sun-bin. Later, he insisted, “I know this song. I know it for sure”.

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