Lia (ITZY)’s schoolfellow, who accused her of bullying, is not charged with defamation

The police comment on Lia’s case: “It’s hard to see it to be defamatory just because of expressing what you’ve been through..”

A police investigation showed that an alumna accused of defamation who claimed to have suffered school violence from ITZY’s Lia (21 years old) during her school days, was innocent.

On 13th June, Incheon Yeonsu Police Station said they had decided not to send to the prosecution about a woman in her 20s accused of defamation under the law on the use of information and communication networks.

In February of this year, Ms. A posted on an internet community with the title: “I am a victim of school violence against a famous female idol born in 2000.”

Through this post, she claimed that: “The perpetrator (Lia) borrowed money and did not pay it back or bullied her friend for no reason.”

At the time, Ms. A came and asked Lia why she was harassing her friend, but she also claimed that she was traumatized by constant verbal abuse from the group.


Later, Lia’s agency JYP said in a statement: “We will proceed with the lawsuit on this issue”; and “We will take strong legal action against acts that undermine artists’ reputation and hinder their activities by spreading malicious comments and false information.”

Upon receiving JYP’s complaint, the police investigated A and decided that it was difficult to apply the defamation charges.

The police judged that A’s post on the Internet community was just an expression of what she had been through. And that it was hard to see it as slander against Lia.

The police also believed that there was not enough clear evidence to say that A’s writing was fake.

A police official said: “We judged that the allegations of defamation were not established, considering the situation in which A posted on the Internet community and the contents of the posting.”

Starting from this year, due to the adjustment of investigative rights between the prosecution and the police, the police can close the case on their own after deciding not to send it to the prosecution.

In the past, all cases filed by the police were sent to the prosecution with the opinion of indictment or non-indictment.

“It’s still really difficult to think about that time,” A said to Yonhap News. “I want a sincere apology.”

Source: Nate

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