Lee Jung is under criticism after taking a photo with BLACKPINK Lisa at Coachella 2023 

Lee Jung is under fire for taking photos with BLACKPINK Lisa because of a past incident. 

On April 24th, Lee Jung uploaded a series of photos showing herself having an enjoyable time at Coachella 2023. She also cheered for BLACKPINK, who was headlining Coachella. 

The photos were posted with the caption: “PINKCHELLA. Forever grateful to work with you, I couldn’t be more proud. What a dream come true!” Lee Jung is a famous choreographer behind BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down”, as well as Lisa’s solo album. Her choreography captures the unique colors of YG Entertainment. 

On this occasion, Lee Jung also took a selfie with BLACKPINK Lisa, showing off a strong friendship. The choreographer also recorded the performances of other BLACKPINK members. Nonetheless, the post was met with criticism, as Lisa’s fans voiced their disagreement. This is because Lee Jung reportedly did not mention Lisa in her acceptance speech after wining the “Best Choreographer of the Year” award for Lisa’s “MONEY” at the “2021 MAMA”. 

Fans responded, “You performed Lalisa and Money on all the shows as if they were your songs,” “It’s not only you who choreograph, stop discrediting others”, and “You didn’t contribute anything here”.

Lee Jung is a choreographer who gained recognition by appearing on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”. Currently, she is appearing as a regular member in ENA’s “HMLYCP”.

Source: TV Report 

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