Lee Jong-suk Considers Male Lead Role In Director Lee Eung-bok’s New Project

Actor Lee Jong-suk is considering a new drama appearance after 2 years

According to multiple broadcasting officials on Nov 21st, Lee Jong-suk is contemplating appearing in the new drama “I’m Against My Romance”. He received an offer to play the male lead from the production team and is positively reviewing it.

“I’m Against My Romance” tells the story of ex-lovers who decided to reunite once again. As they return as lovers, the two will rediscover if it is still the continuation of the relationship they are already familiar with, or if they are starting a new relationship they are unfamiliar with.

This drama is raising expectations as a new work by director Lee Eung-bok. Director Lee Eung-bok is known for directing popular dramas such as KBS 2TV’s “Secret”, “Descendants of the Sun”, tvN’s “Goblin”, “Mr. Sunshine”, “Jirisan” and Netflix’s series “Sweet Home”.

Lee Jong-suk has been offered the role of the male lead Kim Tae-kyung. Kim Tae-kyung in “I’m Against My Romance” is a man known for his great instincts and is a righteous character. He was once the lover of Hong Je-bi, a careless teacher at a daycare center. Reuniting after 10 years, he falls in love again.

Actress Go Min-si is a strong candidate for the role of the female lead Hong Je-bi. Go Min-si gained recognition through her roles in Netflix’s “Love Alarm” and “Sweet Home”. She received praise for her acting in KBS 2TV’s drama “Youth of May” and the movie “Smugglers”. With the upcoming release of “Sweet Home” Season 2, she is expected to showcase her chemistry with director Lee Eung-bok and her performance in the romance genre.

Lee Jong-suk has been acclaimed for his romantic performances in several drama series, collaborating with actresses like Lee Bo-young in SBS’s “I Can Hear Your Voice”, Park Shin-hye in “Pinocchio” and Suzy in “While You Were Sleeping. Particularly notable was his role in the 2016 MBC drama “W”, where he received acclaim for portraying a dramatic story that transcends the boundary between fiction and reality alongside actress Han Hyo-joo. Due to this, he won the Grand Prize at the MBC Drama Awards that year.

Lee Jong-suk’s most recent drama was “Big Mouth”, which aired in 2022 on MBC. Thanks to “Big Mouth”, he once again won the Grand Prize at the MBC Drama Awards.

In the meantime, Lee Jong-suk openly acknowledged his romantic relationship with singer-actress IU. Recently, he is reportedly under ongoing discussions with Ace Factory, the production company that received praise for the “Stranger” series.

“I’m Against My Romance” is produced by Studio Dragon and is under consideration for airing on tvN in 2024.

Source: Naver

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