Lee Hyori “I received 100 commercial advertising proposals, I was having fun watching it”

Singer Lee Hyori revealed her recent situation after her announcement of resuming commercial advertisements

Lee Hyori appeared as a guest on the Oct 20th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s music program “The Seasons Season 3: AKMU’s Five Nights”.

Lee Chan-hyuk asked, “I heard you declared that you want to do advertisements again, and there were about 30,000 comments. There was a flood of advertising inquiries.” Lee Hyori surprised everyone as she shared, “I got about 100 (advertising proposals). It started small but gradually became a big deal, so I was having fun watching it.”

Lee Hyori mentioned, “I left for almost 10 years then came back to this scene. I couldn’t get a sense of it. I don’t know what’s cool to wear or what’s trendy. Please tell me. Tell me honestly.”

Lee Chan-hyuk praised, “You should probably dance for the rest of your life. I watched the rehearsal on the monitor, and I think you still have the aura. Especially, there’s a noticeable move where you put your hand in your pocket. You make this kind of movement. This is something you do after having experience. You know the refined points. It’s important to know the sophisticated points over time, and I think you have it.” Lee Hyori expressed her happiness, saying, “In fact, this seems to be the most challenging part.”

Source: Star News Korea

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