Lee Hyo-ri shows off her unique presence in the new photoshoot for Adidas

Adidas Originals recently made headlines as they released new photoshoot photos of superstar Lee Hyo-ri.

Adidas Originals and Lee Hyo-ri have maintained a good relationship since their first collaboration in 2010. They are still receiving explosive responses with each of their photoshoots by presenting charisma and sensational visuals that overwhelm the public.


Working on this shoot with the digital media eyesmag, which has a great influence on Generation Z, Lee Hyo-ri particularly reinterpreted her individuality and charms from the perspective of GEN-Z customers, boasting a different side of her.

In the newly released photoshoot, Lee Hyo-ri matched cropped T-shirt with wide pants, perfectly reproducing her famous styling in the 2000s, which recently became popular again in the craze of Y2K fashion trends. By including black-and-white photos of Lee Hyo-ri’s soft charisma and images of her relaxed and lively appearance against the background of nature, the newly released photoshoot will introduce Lee Hyo-ri’s diverse charms.

The photoshoot jointly created by Adidas Originals and Lee Hyo-ri can be found on the official Instagram account of Adidas Originals (@originals_kr).

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