G-Dragon’s First Appearance At New Agency With Bright Smile, Contrasting With YG’s Current Crisis

On the afternoon of December 30th, G-Dragon attended the year-end party at his new agency. This is the first time the male singer publicly appeared at the building of Galaxy Corporation after leaving YG on December 20th. 

G-dragon Galaxy Corporation
G-dragon Galaxy Corporation

The party took place in a friendly atmosphere in a cozy space full of cakes and flowers. G-Dragon wore a simple but fancy suit and smiled brightly while enjoying the party with the officials of Galaxy Corporation.

G-dragon Galaxy Corporation

It is known that G-Dragon personally designed the cake and flowers for this party. He also sent cakes to his relatives and friends. In particular, T.O.P also boasted about the cake he received from G-Dragon on SNS, refuting all the rumors of a discord between BIGBANG members after causing controversy by crossing out the name BIGBANG. 

Sharing his feelings after moving to the new agency, G-Dragon said, “Thank you so much for everything. I will never forget the efforts you made to protect me and help me through my hard time”.

Source: K14

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