Lee Gikwang on Being Park Min-young’s First Love: ‘I Haven’t Done Anything, Yet Followers Increased by 40,000’

Highlight member Lee Gikwang shared behind-the-scenes stories during the filming of the drama 'Marry My Husband.'

The episode airing on the 27th, titled ‘Reckless Guys,’ is set to showcase the active participation of various individuals in various fields. This episode will feature Highlight member Lee Gikwang, space planning specialist Yoo Jung-soo, comedian Kang Jae-joon, broadcaster Oh Jung-yeon, and Jang Ye-won, who will delight viewers with their unique wit.

Lee Gikwang, who played the role of Park Min-young’s first love in the popular drama ‘Marry My Husband,’ made his first variety show appearance after the drama concluded.

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Despite receiving congratulations for the success of the drama since his appearance, Lee Gikwang modestly stated, “I haven’t done anything,” but confessed that thanks to it, his personal SNS followers increased by 40,000, adding with a subtle desire, “If only it had increased more…” eliciting laughter.

Lee Gikwang revealed that he put a lot of effort into creating the ‘perfect man’ visual as it was based on a webtoon, which further raised interest. He amazed everyone by disclosing his rigorous personal management routine but admitted that he couldn’t maintain it even during his trip to Thailand after filming the drama, astonishing everyone on set.

Even the MCs exploded with laughter, exclaiming, “Why did you do that!” in response to his excessive management.

lee kikwang

Lee Gikwang mentioned the hotly debated scene in the community, the ‘dialect confession scene.’

Opening his mouth, Lee Gikwang said, “There’s a scene that many people imitate,” and recreated the famous line, “I liked you!” in the studio, livening up the atmosphere.

He confessed that performing in dialect was not easy and also revealed the behind-the-scenes story of that scene. With his unique wit, he even explained the reason for the somewhat awkward accent, turning the scene into a sea of laughter. Lee Gikwang’s behind-the-scenes story of the hot topic ‘dialect confession scene’ will be revealed to everyone through the broadcast.

Lee Gikwang also shared thrilling anecdotes, such as a super special event he experienced riding a helicopter during his time with BEAST, and even delightful talks about performing with wild animals.

Towards the end of the conversation, he hinted at the group Highlight’s comeback scheduled for March, revealing that they had recently finished shooting the music video and even dropped a hint about the title track.

Lee Gikwang’s episode of ‘Reckless Guys’ will air on SBS’s ‘Kang’s Kitchen VS’ at 10:20 PM on the 27th.

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