Lee El: “Both Kim Ji-won and Lee Min-ki have very bright personalities, we naturally mingle like real siblings” 

Actress Lee El expressed her feelings about the happy ending after “My Liberation Note” ended.

In JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Note” (directed by Kim Seok-yoon / scripted by Park Hae-young), which ended on May 29th, the role of Yeom Ki-jung, a little immature but lovely oldest sister, stimulates the viewers’ empathy with her realistic and relatable story. 

my liberation notes

In addition, her sibling chemistry with Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won and her love line with Lee Ki-woo get stronger as the episode continues.

With her irreplaceable acting skills, Lee El has firmly established her position by perfectly portraying the character of Yeom Ki-jung. Lee El, who showed another acting transformation through “My Liberation Note,” has had a Q&A interview to talk about her role and the ending of the drama.

My Liberation Notes

Q&A with Lee El

Q. In the first half of 2022, you have greeted the viewers with conflicting characters such as Netflix movies “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations,” “Love and Leashes,” and the drama “My Liberation Note.” How do you feel about it?

It was so fun and thrilling to be in various different works. I’ve prepared a variety of things. Pick what you like and check it out. I think it felt like this.

My Liberation Notes

Q. As the drama continues, not only the ratings but also your popularity has increased. How does it feel to be loved?

I think this is my first time since “Goblin”. Wherever I went, people always talked about whether I would find my liberation. As expected, I think I slowly got into the viewers’ hearts like the light spring rain. There are people who don’t watch it, but I don’t think there’s anyone who watch it just once. Someone said to me that. “It’s a drama that makes you watch and listen to its lines and music, and play those like your BGM.” I was really thankful.

My Liberation Notes

Q. You said on your radio show recently that Ki-jung is your long-awaited character. What was your actual synchronization with this character?

My acquaintances asked me why I wasn’t acting, because they felt like they were just looking at me in the drama. I remember laughing a lot when I heard that my gestures and actions during the drinking scene in the drama were so identical that they felt like watching a real Lee El on screen. 

My Liberation Notes

Q. How was your chemistry with the Yeom three siblings, who are said to be more real than real siblings?

Ji-won and Min-ki both have very bright personalities. When we looked at each other, we didn’t mix our thoughts in at all and accepted us as we are. So we were able to mingle naturally like real siblings. Thanks to that, I was able to comfortably show myself and approach them. Thank you and it was fun to be with you guys. 


Q. Have Ki-jung, who wanted to be liberated by love, be liberated after meeting Tae-hoon?

I think she have been liberated because she ended up with a love that she has been crying out for. Of course, there has been a lot of hardships between Ki-jung and Tae-hoon, right?

My Liberation Notes

Q. How will Ki-jung be after the drama?

I don’t think anything will changed. I think Ki-jung will still get drunk, make mistakes, and fight with her younger siblings. I think she is still gonna live like herself. 

my liberation notes

Q. Lastly, please say a word to the viewers who love “My Liberation Note”.

I was happy to hear how people said about us, which spreaded so much faster than the rating numbers which rose little by little. And thank you all for supporting Ki-jung’s love. It has only been a day since the drama ended, but after the show, Yeom three siblings will be living well somewhere. If you happen to bump into them, give them a big hug.

My Liberation Notes

Meanwhile, JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” ended after 16 episodes on May 29th.

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