Lee Dong-wook Denied Flirting With Jang Do-yeon, “She Was Comfortable To Hang Out With”

Actor Lee Dong-wook revealed what he thinks of television personality Jang Do-yeon

Lee Dong-wook reportedly became friends Jang Do-yeon through the SBS variety show “Lee Dong-wook wants to talk” and the two drew attention with their chemistry. Later, on the web show “Salon Drip,” Lee allegedly flirted with Jang, which became the talk of the town.

In a recent interview with Herald POP, Lee Dong-wook praised Jang Do-yeon’s personality.

lee dong wook

The actor said, “I was not intending to flirt with her at all,” adding, “In fact, there are more cases where I contact her first and ask her to go out for a beer.”

“When I did my talk show, I relied on Jang Do-yeon,” he said. “Wow, she’s a comedian who’s quick-witted. Not only entertainers but also politicians, sportspeople, and baduk players were invited as guests in the show, but Jang showed a lot of common sense outside of just entertaining skills,” he praised the female star.

“I also participated in the show’s meeting with her at the time of the talk show, but I think we got closer because we talked to each other a lot,” he said, stressing, “We both like beer.”

Source: Nate

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