LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon and Sakura Revealed Their Waist Size Is 17 Inches

Kim Chae-won and Sakura of the group LE SSERAFIM revealed their waist sizes.

The latest episode of MBC’s “Point of Omnicity Interfere,” which aired on February 24th, featured LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chae-won, Sakura, and TV personality Shin Gi-roo as guests.

On this day’s broadcast, host Lee Young-ja and LE SSERAFIM members mentioning the size of their clothes and Shin Gi-roo’s, “She needs to use horses as the measurement, but the two of you might use a bone,” indicating their slim figures.

chaewon sakura

Kim Chae-won and Sakura said, “We recently measured and our waist size was 17 inches,” which shocked the cast.

Kim Chae-won told the surprised MCs, “It may be because I measured it before eating.” Shin Gi-roo then said, “Even if you eat, for 17 inches, it won’t have much increase,” and Hong Hyun-hee said to Shin, “Stay still, 47 inches,” making everyone laugh.

Source: Sports Today

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