LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon jabbed at groundless dating rumor?

Kim Chaewon, a member of girl group LE SSERAFIM, posted an update after false dating rumors of her were spread. 

Previously on January 18th, Japanese media site Shukan Bunsun released photos of Kim Chaewon and a male rapper under claims that the two are in a relationship. However, in the afternoon of the same day, LE SSERAFIM’s agency, Source Music, released an official statement calling the rumor “groundless”, while Shukan Bunsun’s photos were revealed to be edited. 

Kim Chaewon

Right after the dating rumor fiasco, Kim Chaewon published a photo of herself drinking “Iced Vanilla Latte” on the fan community Weverse. It is known that Kim Chaewon never liked coffee, and when she was a member of IZ*ONE, Chaewon even said she “drink iced tea pretending it to be coffee on VLIVE”.

Kim Chae-won

As a result, many people believe Kim Chaewon’s update to be a jab at the dating rumor, updating as normal as if completely uncaring. They also left comments such as, “I can’t stand the dating rumors either”, “They were edited photos, so I don’t think I will care”, and “Kim Chaewon can drink coffee now??”

Kim Chae-won

On the other hand, Kim Chaewon’s group LE SSERAFIM debuted in May 2022 with the first mini album “FEARLESS”. In October of the same year, they released the 2nd mini album “ANTIFRAGILE”,  solidifying their position as a popular 4th generation girl group. They also secured numerous rookie awards at various awards ceremonies. 

Source: wikitree

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