Kwon Eun Bi flutters fans’ hearts with her sexiness when opening water bottle at recent concert

“Waterbomb goddess” Kwon Eun Bi once again created hot topics with another legendary scene on the stage.

On August 19th, Kwon Eun Bi performed at the grand outdoor music concert “2023 CassCool Festival” held at Seoul Land. That day, she matched a blue sleeveless crop top with a mini skirt, showing off her perfect S-line body.

The female singer heated up the atmosphere at the festival with various stages, including her hit song “Underwater”.

During the performance, Kwon Eun Bi tried to play with the audience by shooting a water gun. However, she couldn’t stand still and almost fell because the water gun was too heavy and the shooting streams were too powerful.

In the end, Kwon Eun Bi said, “I wanted to play with everyone, but it’s heavier than I thought. I can’t do it”, then gave up on trying the water gun.

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Later, she attempted another water play using the water bottles on the stage.

Even when Kwon Eun Bi was sitting down to open a water bottle, she shook the hearts of fans with her sexiness. Water suddenly splashed on Kwon Eun Bi’s face, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

After opening the water bottle, she asked the audience, “Can I throw this?”, then sprayed water toward the audience.

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She then commented, “Wow, it seems like no one got hit. I’ll just continue doing my job”, then proceeded with the next performance, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kwon Eun Bi debuted as a member of Ye-A in 2014 and promoted with the group for only a short time. She joined Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48” in 2018 and re-debuted in the project group IZ*ONE in October of the same year.

After completing all group schedules in 2021, Kwon Eun Bi made her solo debut in August of that year. She won her first music show trophy as a solo artist on the August 8th broadcast of SBS M & SBS FiL’s “The Show”.

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