“Park Eun-bin’s rival for 25 years” Lee Se-young will also appear on the screen as a lawyer through new drama “The Law Cafe”?

Actress Lee Se-young is expected to attract keen attention with her comeback in the upcoming drama “The Law Cafe”.

“Talent will show itself”. This is the recent situation of Heo Sung-tae and Joo Hyun-young. Following Heo Sung-tae, who made his name widely known to the world through “Squid Game”, Joo Hyun-young is also transforming herself from “reporter Joo” into the sub-character Dong Geu-ra-mi in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. These days, people in the broadcasting industry are saying that it is Lee Se-young’s turn to make everyone go crazy after Park Eun-bin, who recently became a global star with back-to-back successful dramas “The Kings’ Affection” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Park Eun-bin

Born in 1992, Lee Se-young is the same age as Park Eun-bin. Making her debut through SBS’s “The Brothers’ River” in 1997, Lee Se-young is a veteran actress with 25 years of experience. Lee Se-young used to be slightly ahead of Park Eun-bin in the number of appearances in dramas, commercials, guarantees, and broadcasts. As the situation turned over and over many times, Lee Se-young is currently chasing after Park Eun-bin. Lee Se-young’s fans are even urging the agency, saying “Our Sato (a nickname of Lee Se-young that means ‘lovely crazy girl’) should have become a Hallyu star first”.

the law cafe

Unlike Park Eun-bin, who has transformed herself many times since JTBC’s drama “Age of Youth”, Lee Se-young has owned both innocent and sophisticated images ever since she was young, which is enough to get her to be called “The 2nd Hwang Shin-hye”. She has a typical main character’s face, which is small and highlighted with distinctive facial features. Lee Se-young’s acting skills are also amazing enough to be favored by movie and drama producers. That’s why she was selected to lead movies, such as “Lovely Rivals”, “When I Turned Nine”, and “Sooah, 13 years old”. In particular, she is exceptionally good at historical drama acting and has starred in several hot historical works with high viewer ratings, such as “The Crowned Clown” and “The Red Sleeve”. 

Love According To The Law

It was KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”, which ended in 2016, that marked her transformation as an adult actress. Portraying Hyo-won, a cute and cheerful girl, Lee Se-young attracted 100% love from middle-aged viewers. Lee Se-young and her agency continued to take advantage of the flow by letting her appear in “Hit the Top” and “A Korean Odyssey” in the following year (2017) but these long-awaited follow-up works didn’t make big hits.

lee se young

Expressing his regret, a broadcasting PD said, “Lee Se-young has an excellent personality and amazing acting skills, but what if she had been more careful in choosing her next works after ‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’?”. It is true that Lee Se-young received many compliments for her sincerity and in-depth acting in independent films, such as “Duck Town” and “Hotel Lake”, but some viewers also pointed out that she should have spent a well-balanced amount of time on long commercial films. Lee Se-young showed off her unique charms and entertainment skills on tvN’s entertainment show “Weekend Playlist”, starring Kim Sook and Ra Mi-ran, but it didn’t feel like she was expanding her scope as an actress. 

the law cafe

MBC’s recent historical drama “The Red Sleeve” is the work that once again gave fame to Lee Se-young, who had experienced both cheers and growing pains, hiatus and slumps because of her studies, as well as acting re-examination at such a young age. In this work, which ended successfully with a high viewer rating of 17.4%, Lee Se-young appeared as Sung Deok-im, a royal court lady who has a romance with the king, and presented outstanding performances. To further solidify her popularity and reputation, the actress chose KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The Law Cafe”, which will air the first episode on September 5th after “Café Minamdang” ends, as her comeback work.

Lee Se -young

In this drama, Lee Se-young plays a four-dimensional lawyer and reunites with Lee Seung-gi after 4 years since “A Korean Odyssey”. Although legal and romance are two different genres, Lee Se-young will coincidentally challenge the role of a lawyer as Park Eun-bin recently did. Earlier, Park Eun-bin once appeared on the screen as a character named Lee Se-young, the Dream’s operations manager, in the drama “Hot Stove League”. It is so interesting to see these two, who threw shoes at each other in MBC’s drama “My Love Patzzi” 20 years ago, are having some fateful connections. 

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