Krystal, “I Have No Ambition For Lead Roles, But I Have Ambition For Acting”

Actress Jung Soo-jung (Krystal) recently shared about her acting career

On October 16, JTBC released an interview with Krystal about her role in the recent movie “Cobweb.”

In the interview, the JTBC reporter asked, “Starting with small roles, your acting career is well over 10 years. How did you continue your acting career until now?”

“At first, it started with the sitcom “High Kick,” and it was so much fun when I did it, but in the beginning I didn’t do it because I wanted to. At that time, I was under a big company (SM Entertainment) and my acting career started naturally when I auditioned. I’ve had fun since “High Kick.” It was a new experience. But the more I did it, the more difficult it was than fun. I had a lot of worries. There are times when I don’t know what to do. I got into “Prison Playbook” when I had such a little concern. There were many senior actors in the work. I got to act more seriously. I’m not the type to be very ambitious for lead roles. However, I think I have a desire to act because I have a big desire to be able to do it or want to do it.”


“What do you think about singing now?” asked the reporter.

“I think it is an era in which prejudice against actors who used to be singers is eliminated. There are so many singers who are active as actors now. I wish I could do it all, and I have a plan to do it. Singing activities are also helpful to me as an actress. I learned to work as a team while doing group activities. Dancing also helps with action scenes.”

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