Kris Wu’s life would be a living hell if he was sentenced to prison!

When a recent article about life in a Chinese prison was extensively shared on social media, Chinese netizens instantly thought of Kris Wu.

Kris Wu‘s recent shocking sex scandal put an end to his career. Within a short time, an A-list male singer became a hated criminal. Wu Yifan is facing a prison sentence of up to ten years, with the possibility of a life sentence or death penalty if his crimes become more serious.

In other developments, the BJH site published an article that made a stir when it depicted the life inside a Chinese prison. The facts presented in this article are based on the accounts of convicted criminals. This indicates that if Wu Yifan is imprisoned, he will have to live such a terrible life.

Kris Wu's life would be a living hell if he was sentenced to prison!

Accordingly, prisoners in jail had to bathe in cold water throughout each of the four seasons, which seemed uncomfortable at first but soon becomes normal. Prisoners will not be permitted to wear their own clothes, and their names will be written on all prison outfits, including underwear and warm clothing.

In jail, inmates will be required to learn and obey a variety of rules and regulations. As a result, Kris Wu will surely be banned from using a cellphone. Essential things are limited to the absolute minimum; for example, if they want to peel fruit, they must use leftover thread from comforters or washbasin detritus.

There will also be no mirrors in prison, however, someone has made a mirror by soaking aluminum pieces in a mixture of milk powder and chili sauce; when peeling off the film, they will get a temporary mirror. They also do not have a cotton swab but have to use the water of the porridge to stick to pieces of paper and dry it as temporary supplies.

They must obtain permission or wait for a schedule twice a week for other requirements such as shaving or nail cutting.

According to BJH, there will be occasional musical performances in the jail; however, it is unknown if he can perform the hit ‘Big Bowl Thick Noodles’ or not as this song made him famous as a singer.

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