KPOP fans are angry because Pledis Entertainment is getting too much: SEVENTEEN as a puppet to control

Not only treating PRISTIN badly, Pledis Entertainment also did not give SEVENTEEN members any freedom, even when they livestream with fans.

If you are a fan of the artists from Pledis Entertainment, you can surely find out how bad the way they work. Well known for their poor management skills, Pledis has repeatedly frustrated fans because of their unprofessional plans and treatment for artists.

Recently, SEVENTEEN’s fan community has been frustratedly exposing how the company controls the group like a puppet. Specifically, Carat discovered an abnormality every time SEVENTEEN livestream on V-Live that Pledis always sent staff to monitor behind the camera. Although the staff didn’t get into the frame, they were actually controlling SEVENTEEN’s words and making the members do seriously and say what the company wanted.

Pledis Seventeen 1

If paying attention, the fans can hear the rustle that happens every time when they livestream. It is the sound that the staff created when writing the request on paper, raised it and forced SEVENTEEN to follow. At the same time, during the conversation, SEVENTEEN members often keep their eyes on the outside quite cautiously and not naturally.

Most netizens agree with this finding:

– Huh, what is the purpose of using V Live? This is not communicating with fans, Pledis. It is a bit serious here.

– Previously, when the leader turned on V Live, they said that Pledis no longer kept an eye on the group, it was not bad at all. But since Christmas Eve, you can hear the staff members tear up paper and write something. Seems like they were too careful. So sad.

– Pledis is managing them quite strictly.

– Bangtan’s V Live is too normal. Occasionally, after the concert ended, they will return to the hotel and chat with fans while eating and drinking joyfully. Sometimes, the company advised them not to drink on V Live anymore, but the kids did not listen to it, they still drunk and pretended it was cola in front of the camera. The group also joked about “ugh this cola is so strong”.

– The kids kept glancing around all the time, it’s like the staff is scaring them.

-Well, I hate Pledis too much.

Source: Tinnhac

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