Koreans Voted For “Female Celebrities Who Represent Spring” and Here Are The Top 4 

IU, Suzy, and more, were selected as Korean female stars whose visuals and aura give off spring vibes. 

According to a poll conducted by education company Eduwill in February with the participation of 1740 Koreans to find out which female celebrities best represent the atmosphere of the Spring season, BLACKPINK’s Jennie (16.2%) ranked 4th place, Suzy (17.5%) came in 3rd place, Han Sohee (19%) ranked 2nd place, and 1st place belonged to IU (44.5%). 

When the results of the survey were announced, netizens left comments such as, “IU is the human spring”, “Goddess of Spring IU”, “IU is summer, Suzy is winter”, and “Han Sohee is autumn”.

Korean netizens’ comments on Theqoo 

Meanwhile, IU and Park Seo Joon headed overseas to film the final scenes of the upcoming movie “Dream”. “Dream” is directed by director Lee Byung Heon of “Extreme Job” and “Twenty”.

Dream” depicts the story of a team of homeless people who play soccer for the first time in their lives and attempt to compete in the Homeless World Cup, an international soccer event held every year. 

Park Seo Soon plays Yoon Hong Dae, a professional soccer player who gets caught up in an unexpected incident and is being disciplined, making him the coach for the special national soccer team. IU plays Lee So Min, a PD at a broadcasting station who is working on an improvised documentary about the team. “Dream” also stars actors Kim Jong Su, Ko Chang Seok, Jeong Seung Gil, Lee Hyun Woo, Yang Hyun Min, Hong Wan Pyo, and Heo Jun Seok.

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