Korean stars reveal their plastic surgery faces to show it’s not something to be ashamed of

Admittedly, these Korean stars are widely supported and praised for their new look and honesty.

In a country like Korea, plastic surgery is no longer a strange thing. This is also a method that many stars rely on to get a good looking face.

As before, the plastic surgery is always kept closed as no one would dare to admit to having the surgery because of public opinion. However, there are now many stars who are willing to acknowledge to receive sympathy and support from the public.

Jung Chaeyeon (DIA)

Korean stars reveal their plastic surgery faces to show it's not something to be ashamed of

Labeled as the second Suzy, Jung Chaeyeon is loved for her pure, innocent looks, but in reality, Jung Chaeyeon has fixed the face to look like the present. The idol has also acknowledged the plastic surgery since joining Produce 101 or most recently on “Video Star“. Jung Chaeyeon said she used surgery with nose to make her face look slimmer and tighter.

Despite her unnatural face, Jung Chaeyeon has received countless advertisements, movies and joined the ranks of “the new generation of Kpop goddesses.”

JooE (Momoland)

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She was nicknamed as “the ugliest idol in Korean history” because of her look, so JooE chose nose surgery to change her appearance. JooE frankly disclosed this secret when joining “Knowing Brothers

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Min Hyo Rin

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Min Hyo Rin has revealed to have corrected her eyes and teeth at the suggestion of the agency. This made the face of the actress look bolder, which makes the beauty of Min Hyo Rin look more definite.

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super junior heechul plastic 23

“Super Cosmic Star” Heechul is known to have the face that is more beautiful than a girl but Heechul’s face was fixed a little bit at the nose, which is caused by an unwanted accident causing Heechul to take a surgery after this incident.

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