Former fromis_9 member Jang Gyu-ri delivered the news that deserves congratulations 

Singer Jang Gyu-ri announced her acting debut with the appearance in SBS’s drama “Cheer Up”.

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up” is a hot and cool campus mystery romantic comedy that tells about young people who fail to enter universities gathering for a cheering squad and leaving behind their glorious history. 

While the first start reminiscent of a campus romance of college students in their 20s attracted attention, Jang Gyu-ri appeared as Tae Cho-hee and showed explosive synergy with her character from the very first broadcast. Jang Gyu-ri’s “cool sister” charm when portraying Tae Cho-hee makes the viewers fall in love with her.

In the first and second episodes of “Cheer Up”, which aired on the 3rd and 4th of October, the story of Yeonhee University’s cheering squad recruiting new members for the new semester was depicted.

Tae Cho-hee caught the eyes of viewers from her first appearance with her easy-going and refreshing charm. She didn’t hesitate to explode her girl crush charm in front of the juniors when standing up for leader Park Jung-woo (Bae In-hyuk), showing off her strong presence. 

The chicness, which strangely harmonized with a particularly pretty visual, doubled the charm of the character and attracted viewers’ attention.

jang gyuri

Although Jang Gyu-ri exuded a chic aura, she smiled slightly and looked at the juniors who practiced hard and followed her training with a satisfied expression. She sniped both men and women’s hearts as well as completed a charming character that explodes coolness.

jang gyuri

As such, Jang Gyu-ri, who made viewers fall in love with her by perfectly playing the coolest sister Tae Cho-hee of Yeonhee University, successfully made her terrestrial first lead role debut through SBS’ “Cheer Up. Expectations and curiosity are gathered together for the story she will unfold in the future.

jang gyuri

Jang Gyu-ri debuted as a member of girl group fromis_9 in 2017. She announced a new start by turning into an actress last August.

SBS’ “Cheer Up” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM.

Source: wikitree

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