Korean media explained the reason why more and more female stars have started confessing about undergoing plastic surgeries

The past when stars used to say, “I only wore braces”, “I only went on a diet” has already passed. Nowadays, confessions of plastic surgeries have emerged as a trend.

Females stars always wanted to show their beautiful appearances and be recognized for their “natural appearances”. Stars who were beautiful since the beginning without undergoing any plastic surgery were spotlighted as “natural beauties”. Therefore, when suspected of suddenly becoming prettier, these stars always gave ‘standard’ explanations, such as, “I underwent a medical procedure but didn’t take surgeries”, “I only wore braces”, “I only went on a diet”, etc.

Female stars undergoing plastic surgeries

Considering this past situation, the phenomenon of stars confessing the fact of undergoing plastic surgeries without hesitation definitely makes people feel strange. Dancer Gabee appeared on the broadcast of Mnet’s “TMI SHOW” aired on February 9th and confessed, “I got lip filler”. Showing up on KBS Joy’s “National Receipt” on the same day, comedian Shin Bong-sun said, “I didn’t do anything with my eyes but I underwent nose surgeries twice. I was born without a nose bridge”. In January, actress Hong Soo-ah also confessed, “This is the last nose (surgery) I took. I can’t redo it with plastic surgeries anymore”.

In fact, the public’s opinion on female stars, who not only acknowledged the fact of taking plastic surgeries but also revealed where and how many times they have done it, has been remarkably changed. Unlike in the past, when the public expressed shocks and unfamiliar feelings to stars’ confession of undergoing plastic surgeries, netizens nowadays mostly respond, “That’s cool”.

Female stars undergoing plastic surgeries

In particular, the emergence of the “girl crush” craze with bold costumes as a trend also affected celebrities’ relay confessions of plastic surgeries. It is now naturally accepted if a star confesses about taking plastic surgeries and boasts her beauty as if she was showing off her great body figure.

However, there is still a “shadow” even behind the plastic surgery confession that sounds cool. If stars, who have great influences on teenagers and young generations, emphasize that they have become more beautiful thanks to plastic surgeries, only the basic function of plastic surgery stands out. In the case that young people might decide on taking plastic surgeries following splendid stars despite the serious side effects, cautions need to be issued.

Female stars undergoing plastic surgeries

Entertainment programs should be more careful when dealing with plastic surgery content. Light expressions or caricaturistic descriptions of plastic surgeries can encourage people to take surgeries or offend those who have already undergone surgeries. Since the public’s perspective on plastic surgeries has changed, it seems like plastic surgery should be mentioned in a more careful and mature way.

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