Famous “Singer ♥ Actress” are seen doing sweet skinship on the street, the photo is rapidly spreading online

A famous celebrity couple was spotted sharing skinship on the street.

The photo spread rapidly through the online community.

Recently, a photo of Koo Joon-yeop and his wife Barbie Hsu going on a date was posted on some online communities, including theqoo, under the title of “Koo Joon-yeop and Barbie Hsu’s recent photo.”

In the released photo, the two are enjoying a date on the street of Taiwan. Koo Joon-yeop wore a khaki hoodie and a hat while Barbie Hsu wore a sleeveless top and a long skirt.

Koo Joon-yeop was holding his wife’s hands behind her back while his arm was wrapped around her waist. He showed his affection without a care for other people’s eyes.

Netizens who came across the picture showed enthusiastic responses such as “This is love,” “They look good together,” “Indeed, we all need to love,” and “They look happy.” 

koo jun yup

Meanwhile, Koo Joon-yeop registered his marriage with Barbie Hsu in March and they became an official couple.

Barbie Hsu quickly rose to stardom as the heroine Dong Shan Cai in the Taiwanese version of “Boys Over Flowers.” Afterward, she appeared in “Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story” in 2003. Koo Jun-yeop is a member of the famous group CLON and is currently active as a DJ and artist.

koo jun yup

Below is the couple’s photo which is spreading on the online community.

Source: wikitree

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