Korean actress lost focus because of Yoona, finally shined after 10 years due to “non-standard” beauty

This Korean actress shared that she’s so dazzled by Yoona’s visuals that she continuously loses focus 

On July 29th, the highly-anticipated crime drama “Big Mouth”, which stars Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, finally aired and its press conference was also held. Even with its plot not in full swing, “Big Mouth” is already drawing attention thanks to the outstanding visuals and intense chemistry between Yoona and Lee Jong Suk. In fact, Yoona is so pretty on the set, that an actress confessed that she often lost focus staring at Yoona.

big mouth
Yoona and Lee Jong Suk are drawing attention with their appearance in “Big Mouth” 

In particular, actress Ok Ja Yeon couldn’t take her eyes off Yoona when they worked together on the set of “Big Mouth”. 

“I really couldn’t focus on my acting because I kept finding myself looking at her beauty. Yoona was also surprisingly good, and pulled off an extremely convincing Mi Ho”, Ok Ja Yeon said. 

big mouth
Actress Ok Ja Yeon said she lost attention because of Yoona

Born in 1988, Ok Ja Yeon has plenty of experience on the small screen, yet struggles to gain popularity. The actress majored in Aesthetics at the Seoul National University, and initially planned on pursuing later on, only to turn to acting instead. In 2012, she debuted as a theatrical actress, but for the next 5 years, she struggled to establish a standing. 

Ok Ja-yeon

In 2016, Ok Ja Yeon finally hit the big screen with a role in the action thriller “The Age of Shadows”, which starred famous actor Song Kang Ho. Later on, she gained leading roles in the 2019 movie “The Snob”, and even participated in the hit drama “The Uncanny Counter”, but they were to little avail. 

Ok Ja Yeon
Ok Ja Yeon struggled to gain popularity for ages 

It was not until 2021 that Ok Ja Yeon finally managed to make a lasting mark, playing the mistress in K-drama “Mine”. Her character Ja Kyung, had no redeeming quality, and yet was remarkable enough for the actress to finally earn recognition. 

Ok Ja Yeon
Ok Ja Yeon started to shine after the K-drama “Mine” 

Compared to the traditional Korean beauty standard, which highlights the softness and femininity in women, Ok Ja Yeon boasts a bolder and more angular appearance, making her stand out against the crowd. Her natural acting and chic vibe in “Mine” also helped her nail a role in “Big Mouth”, and hopefully, this will be another memorable appearance of hers. 

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