Korean Stars Born with a Silver Spoon (Part 1)

These Korean stars were born into wealthy families, already “born with a silver spoon,” but have achieved success through their own efforts and passion.

Song Ji Hyo

After 22 years in the industry, Song Ji Hyo revealed for the first time about her impressive background. In the latest episode of “Running Man”, aired on SBS on July 16, Song Ji Hyo shared, “My parents run ships and passenger boats in Tongyeong City.” Even Song Ji Hyo’s co-workers were surprised by this.

song ji hyo

In Korea, businesses in the water transport industry often earn huge profits. Afterward, a cast member teased Song Ji Hyo, “Are all the ships in Tongyeong yours?

In response, Song Ji Hyo laughed and denied it. She said that it was her parents’ business, and she is still just herself.

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Cha In Pyo 

Cha In Pyo is loved by audiences through many works such as “Dream to Be a Star.” Later, he married actress Shin Ae Ra and lived happily. Besides acting, the couple actively engages in charity works.

On July 8, Cha In Pyo’s father, Cha Su Woong, passed away. He was the Chairman of Woosung Shipping, one of the top 10 largest shipping conglomerates globally. Many netizens are interested in the distribution of assets after Cha Su Woong’s passing.

Cha In Pyo

However, the Korean media reported that Cha In Pyo and his two siblings all declined the inheritance rights to the conglomerate. Cha Su Woong had sold all of his shares to a joint venture before his passing.

The reason for not accepting the inheritance, Cha In Pyo believes that neither he nor his siblings have any knowledge about this field, so handing over the conglomerate to anyone would be meaningless. Meanwhile, within the conglomerate, some people have dedicated their entire lives to its development and have a thorough understanding of the work.

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is famous for her beautiful appearance and also for being a true “princess” as she comes from a wealthy background. She is the daughter of the chairman of Hanbook International Transportation Company, one of the leading transportation companies in South Korea.

Despite being “born with a silver spoon,” Kim Tae Hee is passionate about her acting career and strives to build her reputation on her own. She started with small roles, including villainous roles, gradually proving her acting abilities. 


Jisoo, a member of the world-renowned girl group BLACKPINK, is the daughter of a powerful entertainment company CEO in Korea. However, she keeps a low profile and does not disclose information about which company it is.


Jisoo has a passion for singing and acting. She diligently trained at YG Entertainment before becoming one of the four BLACKPINK members. 

Source: k14

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