“King of Prison” An Eun Suk in “Mask Girl” turns out to be this actress

Actress Lee Soo Mi succeeded in making an unprecedented transformation through “Mask Girl”.

Lee Soo Mi showed her presence as An Eun Suk, a middle-aged prisoner whom the main character Momi (Lee Han Byul, Nana, Go Hyun Jung) meets in prison. An Eun Suk is a person who reigns as the “King of Prison” that no one can touch since she is on a different level of wealth and has personal connections.

Lee Soo-mi

An Eun Suk powerfully appears in front of Momi, who begins another life in prison. Lee Soo Mi raised viewers’ immersion lever by delicately portraying An Eun Suk who expresses disgust without hesitation in the beginning as well as An Eun Suk who does not hesitate to be servile for her own benefit in the second half.

Lee Soo Mi has been loved for her kind-hearted and affectionate characters, including Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk)’s housekeeper Auntie Wang in tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” and Park Kyung Ae, CEO of Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young)’s agency, in MBC’s “Find Me in Your Memory”. On the other hand, in “Mask Girl“, she transformed into a goosebump-inducing villain with absolute power, proving that she is an actress who encompasses both “black and white”.

Lee Soo-mi

In March this year, Lee Soo Mi announced that she would build a new nest at CL&COMPANY and continue her wide-ranging activities. Expectations are growing for Lee Soo Mi, who has captivated both the big screen and the small screen through her long-standing experience on the theater stage, to continue to show active performances after “Mask Girl”.

Netflix’s series “Mask Girl”, which was released on August 18th, tells the story of Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byul, Nana, Go Hyun Jung), an office worker who is insecure about her looks. She becomes a masked internet personality by night — until a chain of unexpected, ill-fated events overtakes her life.

Source: Nate

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