Kim Woo-bin attracts attention for being considerate of non-celebrity staff even when taking selfies

Actor Kim Woo-bin drew attention with his warm appearance and good personality.

Kim Woo-bin uploaded a picture on Instagram on October 25. In the photo, Kim Woo-bin appeared to be filming an advertisement for a product. He looked straight into the camera and made a humorous expression using chopsticks. In particular, the actor attracted attention by blurring out the face of the staff next to him. Kim Woo-bin’s great personality can be felt through his considerate action towards the non-celebrity staff.

kim woo bin

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin’s movie “Alien” will be released soon, and he is also scheduled to return to the small screen with the drama “Our Blues. In addition, Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah have been in a public relationship since 2015. 

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