Kim Tae Ri Apologizes for Controversial Unpaid Translation Request

Kim Tae Ri apologized for requesting the translation of subtitles for her YouTube vlog as a “talent donation”.

On May 23rd, Kim Tae Ri posted on her Instagram, saying, “Hello, this is Kim Tae Ri. Before saying anything else, I apologize for causing concerns.


She then apologized to everyone who felt uncomfortable, saying, “I write this post with a heart full of apologies to the many people who may have been disappointed by me through this incident.

She continued, “I planned the vlog to repay the love I received from fans, and I participated in every step from shooting, editing, and even English subtitle translation. I thought it would be a more complete way of repaying those who like me.

She confessed and apologized again, “From the moment the video was released, fans from different countries requested subtitles. I became focused only on the thought that it would be meaningful for me and the fans to complete something together, so my heart led me to take action without caution. Clearly, I lacked in my thinking.” 


Kim Tae Ri realized that approaching it as a “talent donation” was wrong and emphasized that she would make sure such a thing never happens again.

She concluded, saying, “Above all, I thought that a sincere apology should come first. I have sent an apology email to each and every person who supported me by volunteering for the translation.

Earlier, on May 22nd, Kim Tae Ri posted a notice on her Instagram, seeking someone to provide foreign language subtitles for her YouTube content as a “talent donation.” 

She said, “I saw many fans from various countries in the YouTube comments. I wondered if there was a way to provide subtitles in their own languages.” 

However, this was interpreted as intending to use translation labor without payments, sparking criticism of “unpaid labor” As the controversy grew, Kim Tae Ri deleted the post.

Source: wikitree

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