Kim So-yeon – “the actress that soldiers hate the most”

Kim So-yeon played “Cheon Seo-jin” in the drama “The Penthouse: War in Life”. 

Thanks to her outstanding acting skills, she was honored to win the first acting grand prize (Daesang) in 27 years of her acting career at the end of last year even though she played a villain character.

Kim So-yeon is a celebrity who is well-known as an “angel” in the entertainment industry although her behaviors are usually questionable (?) due to her “full of madness” acting in works.

Kim So-yeon, who is so pretty and kind, was once listed as “the celebrity that soldiers hate the most” in her early 20s. She did not do anything unlikable. It was simply that she played villain characters in her works.

Kim So-yeon played Heo Young-mi, a villain who torments the main character “Jin Sun-mi (Chae Rim)” in “All About Eve”. At that time, she got a lot of hate to the point that MBC received many protest calls, perhaps because of her realistic performance as a villain.

She was only 21 years old at that time when she was hated by the whole nation. She was shocked that even soldiers hated her even though she is an actress.

20 years later, Kim So-yeon, who played a villain character again, received the love of the whole nation and even won the grand prize this time. Many viewers shed tears at the sight of her tearful acceptance speech.

Kim So-yeon is planning to knock on the door of the small screen again with the drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” in the first half of next year. Playing Ryu Hong-joo, a former mountain god and owner of the best restaurant in Gyeongseong, she is expected to present action scenes in this work.

Source: daum

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