Kim So-hye’s side “The one who spread school violence rumors was the perpetrator, did submit a handwritten apology to the police”

Actress Kim So-hye, the former member of the group I.O.I has released her official statement on the spreading malicious rumors about her.

Kim So-hye‘s agency, S&P Entertainment, posted a notice on its official website on July 27 regarding the investigation into the malicious rumor spreading.

Kim So-hye’s side, “In February, we received a complaint from an Internet community about Kim So-hye and requested an investigation.” and “Since Kim So-hye’s debut, there have been malicious rumors on various communities surrounding her school violence.”

Kim So-hye's side "The one who spread school violence rumors was the perpetrator, did submit a handwritten apology to the police"

It continued, “Through this police investigation, the first publisher of the rumor was designated. The suspect appeared to the police and stated that s/he had posted false rumors and comments. As a result of confirmation, the suspect who claimed to have been bullied directly was one of the perpetrators of the school violence case, where Kim So-hye was the victim when she was in middle school. The suspect admitted his/her fault during the investigation, wrote malicious rumors out of jealousy in his young heart, and submitted a written apology to the investigation agency, expressing remorse and regret, appealing for leniency.”

Finally, it emphasized, “We will continue to take legal action against malicious posts such as newly expanding and reproducing groundless rumors about our actors, insulting slander, and sexual harassment, and will actively respond without leniency.”

Kim So-hye debuted as a member of her I.O.I through season 1 of Mnet’s survival program ‘Produce 101‘, which aired in 2016. After she disbanded the team, she has been concentrating on her acting career as a solo artist. She recently appeared in the movie ‘Moonlit Winter’ and the KBS 2TV drama ‘How to Buy a Friend’.

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