Actor Ji Chang Wook unboxes newly received YouTube gold button amid a busy schedule 

Actor Ji Chang Wook celebrated 1 million subscribers on YouTube with an unboxing video.

On May 17th, actor Ji Chang Wook’s official YouTube channel released a gold button unboxing video.

In the video, Ji Chang Wook opened the gold button and expressed his thoughts on the award, “This is quite neat. Super neat. It’s quite weighty. It’s really quite weighty”. After a couple of selfies with the plaque, the actor proceeded to thank his fans and viewers, “Thanks to you all, we’ve received this golden play button. We’ll continue to create entertaining. and enjoyable videos in the days to come”. In addition, the “K2” actor hoped the contents on his channel could keep viewers entertained. 

In response, when the YouTube production team asked, “Is there a new video idea, in particular, you’d like to try…?” Ji Chang Wook quickly caught on and made a witty remark, “You’re just trying to talk me into more work, to get me to work more, aren’t you?” Ji Chang Wook started ranting, “I’ve been so busy nowadays, it’s crazy”, adding, “My life at this point is hectic”. 

Therefore, what he craved most is a vacation. The actor said, “Some good rest, nature, nice weather, you know?” 


Hopefully, the “Backstreet Rookie” star can take some time off soon!

Ji Chang Wook will play the role of police officer Park Joon Mo in the Disney+ original drama “The Worst of Evil” to be released in the second half of this year.

Source: wikitree 

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