10 Korean child actors who have transformed from cute kids into gorgeous adults 

The following child stars grew up to be stunning. 

Making their on-screen debuts at a very young age, these Korean child stars are now all grown-up and boast gorgeous visuals. 

1. Kim Yoo Jung

One of the most popular Korean child actresses, Kim Yoo Jung started acting at the age of 5 with a minor role in Freezing Point. Since her childhood, Kim Yoo Jung has been working hard as an actress and currently, she is considered one of the most outstanding actresses in their 20s in the industry. Her beauty is also getting upgraded year after year. With beautiful facial features and a trademark pure and refreshing aura, Kim Yoo Jung never fails to stun with her visuals every time she shows up on the screen. 

2. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun started her acting career in 2006 with a supporting role in Ten Minute Minor. By 2012, Kim So Hyun rose to fame thanks to her role in the hit historical drama The Moon Embracing the Sun. Her beauty is also enhanced as she grows up. Kim So Hyun is now a gorgeous adult actress.  

3. Kim Hyang Gi

Born in 2000, Kim Hyang Gi entered the industry by modeling when she was only 3. At the age of 6, she started acting and took the lead role in her first film – Hearty Paws. From a young age, she drew keen attention for her cute looks, with chubby cheeks and bright eyes. Now that she has grown up, Kim Hyang Gi looks even prettier. She still gives off the same cute and playful vibes as before. 

4. Jin Ji Hee

The spoiled and self-centered character Jung Hae Ri of High Kick! helped Jin Ji Hee become a well-known child star across Asia. After many years, Jin Ji Hee has now turned into a gorgeous 22-year-old actress with a lovely appearance. She now looks softer and more feminine. But she can still perfectly portray characters with fierce personalities. 

5. Seo Shin Ae

Born in 1998, Seo Shin Ae started acting from a young age and also became a famous child star after being cast in High Kick!. She has grown up to be a beautiful adult actress, but her on-screen performances have not gained much attention. Seo Shin Ae now follows a sexy and mature concept but is considered somewhat forced and unsuitable for her age and the child actress image that she had for many years.

6. Kim Sae Ron

Born in 2000, Sae Ron began her career at the age of 9 when appearing in the movie “A Brand New Life”. In 2010, she rose to stardom after starring in “The Man From Nowhere”, working together with the famous actor Won Bin. Turning 22 this year, Sae Ron has received many compliments for her beautiful grown-up appearance.

7. Yeo Jin Goo

This is another child actor who was named “The Nation’s Younger Brother”. One of Yeo Jin Goo’s most successful works is definitely “Hotel del Luna” in which he played a hotel’s manager. Born in 1997, Yeo Jin Goo appeared on the screen for the first time when he was 8 years old. Thanks to his good-looking visual and excellent acting skills, Yeo Jin Goo has gradually proved his presence in the film industry. From a chubby little boy, he has become a handsome and manly actor.

8. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho debuted as a child actor through “Daddy Fish” when he was 7. His debut film was “The Way Home”, which was premiered in 2022. Since then, Yoo Seung Ho has challenged various kinds of characters. After growing up, this 1993-born actor not only impresses the viewers with his attractive appearance but also proved his mature and solid acting skills.

9. Park Ji Hoon 

In the 2007 drama “Kimchi Cheese Smile”, Park Ji Hoon played the boy living in the same neighborhood as the female lead. That boy has now become a famous idol-actor who is loved by not only Koreans but also fans around the world. Park Ji Hoon recently participated in “At a Distance Spring is Green” but received mixed responses for both his image and acting skills.

10. Nam Da Reum

After appearing in “Boys Over Flowers”, child actor Nam Da Reum gained keen attention thanks to his pretty face with white skin. A few years later, Nam Da Reum surprised many viewers with his grown-up appearance. In addition, his distinctive facial features have become more beautiful and perfect.

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