Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend could have refused to have an abortion: Why does she consider herself a victim?

Neither abortion nor suggesting abortion is something to be proud of. But one thing to keep in mind, under any circumstances, Choi Young Ah could have refused.

During the past week, Kim Seon Ho is definitely the Korean celebrity that attracts the most attention in the Asian entertainment industry. The scandal broke out when his ex-girlfriend spoke out on an online community and accused Kim Seon Ho of forcing her to have an abortion, avoiding responsibility and being a two-faced person, acting like a kind person in front of the camera while badmouthing his co-stars behind their backs.

When the allegations against Kim Seon Ho surfaced, netizens altogether sided with Choi Young Ah – the actor’s ex-girlfriend and defended her. However, Dispatch later investigated and published an article proving that the couple’s decision to have an abortion is mutual, and Kim Seon Ho did not neglect his girlfriend afterwards. After she had an abortion, the two still continued to date and even met their parents.

Kim Seon-ho

Neither abortion nor suggesting abortion is something to be proud of. But one thing to keep in mind, under any circumstances, Choi Young Ah could have refused. She had full rights to keep the baby, but she herself agreed to let it go after the two had a talk. If the decision to have an abortion is made with the consideration and consensus of both parties, why is only Choi Young Ah considered the victim?

Abortion is a woman’s unspeakable pain, but eventually the final decision still belongs to Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend.

For a woman, having a baby growing inside her yet not being able to give birth is definitely painful. The fact that Choi Young Ah cried during the phone call with Kim Seon Ho proved that her heart was filled with fear and confusion. “I felt confused and scared when I suddenly got pregnant, but thinking about having a baby with the person I love, I have more courage,” she wrote in the post exposing the misdeeds of Kim Seon Ho.

Regardless of her feelings, Choi Young Ah still eventually decided to get rid of the baby. Many netizens claim that she might have been manipulated by Kim Seon Ho, but it was Choi Young Ah’s friends who indirectly denied this suspicion: “Choi Young Ah was worried about abortion. Of course, it was not an easy decision.” There are many women out there who are in difficult situations that cause them to have no choice but to abort their babies, some cannot keep their babies because of financial problems, some are forced to have an abortion by their husbands and boyfriends. But in the end, “her body, her choice”. It is not fair to say that Kim Seon Ho manipulated and forced Choi to give up their child. Because Choi herself had time to think and discuss with her boyfriend before reaching a final decision.

Kim Seon-ho

The couple agreed to let the baby go and still had good feelings for each other afterwards. They were dating happily for many months. Their relationship was not affected in a negative way after the abortion. They were still together, taking pictures, and going to friends’ gatherings. Kim Seon Ho even took Choi Young Ah to meet his parents, adopted a dog together, cooked seaweed soup to take care of his girlfriend during the 2 weeks post-abortion. It all sounds like a right ending for a young couple who is not ready to become parents.  However, the tables have turned when Choi Young Ah posted on an online community to accuse Kim Seon Ho of betrayal and forcing her to have an abortion, putting out the stories about their relationship that are completely opposite to reality.

Kim Seon-ho

Everything could have not gone this far, but Choi Young Ah herself stepped into the black hole, gradually revealing her own problems and even getting exposed by her own friends. Talking to Dispatch, 2 of her friends disclosed that Kim Seon Ho was very tired of Choi Young Ah’s lies. She even said she wanted to ruin her boyfriend’s career, so he could get back together with her. It was Choi Young Ah’s reckless spending habits and lies that made Kim Seon Ho feel exhausted and decide to break up. The fact that Dispatch got involved, has somewhat clarified things and provided many details that helped Kim Seon Ho regain his positive image in the public eye.

After the scandal, what is left for Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah?

The two who used to love each other now become enemies. No matter who wins or loses, one reality remains constant: they have lost their baby. And it’s likely that the affection and respect they have for each other may have completely gone after this incident. Kim Seon Ho’s career and image are destroyed while the secrets of Choi Young Ah’s past are also exposed.

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After all, the love story of two individuals is something that only they know. Perhaps Dispatch’s article does not tell the whole story, and there are many secrets between Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend. To be fair, both are to blame. Choi Young Ah revealed a previously unknown aspect of Kim Seon Ho’s personal life; however, the story was slightly distorted. That, however, is not the reason Kim Seon Ho should be “whitewashed.” That innocent baby could not have been created by one person. But keep in mind that abortion cannot be determined by a single person.

The only thing Kim Seon Ho did well in this incident was admitting faults without justifying them. The actor stated that he had hurt Choi Young Ah and wanted to meet with her to express his heartfelt apology. After being cleared by Dispatch, the actor also refused to explain the story or comment further on the ex, instead simply apologizing.

Kim Seon-ho

The actor lets the audience have their own judgment and feelings. He didn’t reveal too much about the story to hide the stories that had hurt both him and her. Apologizing and then remaining silent is also a way for Kim Seon Ho to protect the image of the girl he once loved with all his heart. The decision that appeared to anger the public turned out to be the most reasonable at the time.

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