Kim Se Jeong: From a K-pop idol to a famous actress of the Korean screen

Let’s find out about this famous idol-turned actress.

Who is Kim Se Jeong?

Kim Se Jeong, born in 1996, is a famous young singer and actress in Korea. She started her career in the industry as a member of the girl group I.O.I, however, her name shines brighter after encroaching on acting with a series of hit works such as “The Uncanny Counter“, and “A Business Proposal”. Let’s find out about Kim Se Jeong and related information!

Profile and biography

  • Full Name: Kim Se Jeong (김세정)
  • Year of birth: 1996
  • BIrthplace: Korea
  • Occupation: Singer, actor 
  • Instagram: @clean_0828

Kim Se Jeong – The singer famous from Produce 101

Before becoming famous, Kim Se Jeong had always had a passion of becoming a singer since childhood. At the age of 16, she participated in the competition television show Kpop Star 2. After that, Kim Se Jeong auditioned for Jellyfish Entertainment and luckily became one of 3 female trainees at this company.

In 2016, the young girl’s name began to rise to prominence after participating in Produce 101, the first season of the most famous reality show in Kpop by Mnet. The competition had more than 100 female contestants. Together, they competed for the top spot for the chance to debut in a rookie group of Kbiz. Throughout 11 episodes of Produce 101, Kim Se Jeong has always been the most famous trainee and won the hearts of viewers. She made a strong impression with her powerful voice, beautiful and lovely appearance and she also treated the rest of the contestants very well.

kim se jeong
Kim Se Jeong is a talented trainee 

After the contest finale, Kim Se Jeong was named the runner-up of Produce 101. This means that she and the rest of the winners will debut in the group I.O.I under the management of YMC Entertainment. However, after less than a year of operation, I.O.I disbanded. Soon afterwards, the 1996-born female singer continued to debut in a new group called Gugudan. Following in the footsteps of I.O.I, Gugudan could not be as popular as expected and disbanded at the end of 2020. 

Although the group’s career was not very positive, Kim Se Jeong was still praised for her energetic solo activities. Some of the outstanding songs that she performed include Flower Road, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, etc.

kim se jeong
Her voice is highly appreciated by experts.

Kim Se Jeong is successful in acting

Besides being a singer, the former I.O.I member started to cross the field to become a drama actress. The first work that Kim Se Jeong participated in and also plays the main role is School 2017. However, in this debut drama, the female singer’s acting ability was not really appreciated by the audience. By 2019, her main role in “I Wanna Hear Your Song” also shared the same pattern.

Only when she took on the role of Do Ha Na in “The Uncanny Counter” released in early 2020, Kim Se Jeong blew up and made a new step in her career advancement. Different from the usual innocent and lovely image, she transforms into a strong female character with extrasensory abilities who specializes in exterminating demons.

kim se jeong
Kim Se Jeong’s impressive image in The Uncanny Counter.

Recently, Kim Se Jeong was once again noticed by Korean drama lovers when she became the female lead of a drama adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name, “A Business Proposal”.

The actress plays Shin Ha Ri, a single girl who works at a food research company and has an unrequited love with her best friend. By chance, Ha Ri was asked by Jin Young Seo to go on a blind date on her behalf, in return she would receive a large amount of money. After accepting to go on a date, the female lead could not believe that the other party was the boss of the company she was working for. Also from here, the love affair at the office began. Currently, the drama has aired the first few episodes and is quickly receiving very high ratings. On the other hand, fans also praised Kim Se Jeong’s increasingly progressive acting.

kim se jeong
A Business Proposal promises to be an equally popular movie. 

With the above sharing about Kim Se Jeong, we hope you know who Kim Se Jeong is and have more useful information about this actress.

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