Kim Sae Ron to Appear in Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” Despite DUI Controversy: Minimal Footage Expected

Kim Sae Ron, who caused controversy for drunk driving, will still appear in “Bloodhounds” in a minimal number of scenes, rather than in the originally planned extensive edits.

According to OSEN on April 18th, the Netflix original series “Bloodhounds” is scheduled to be released in mid-June, and Kim Sae Ron, who was fined for drunk driving, will appear in a minimal amount of footage, as extensive editing was not possible.

Previously, some media outlets reported that Kim Sae Ron was extensively edited out of “Bloodhounds” due to the drunk driving controversy, but this was deemed impossible due to the overall story and Kim Sae Ron’s character. 


The production team of “Bloodhounds” decided to leave a minimal amount of footage of Kim Sae Ron’s scenes to minimize the impact on the work.

There were also rumors that actress Jung Da Eun had been cast to take on the same role as Kim Sae Ron, but this was not true. One official told OSEN, “It’s not the same character. It was a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, after Kim Sae Ron was fined for drunk driving in May of last year, the production team of “Bloodhounds” announced that “after discussion, Kim Sae Ron has decided not to participate in the scheduled filming.” 

They added, “Most of the filming had already been completed, and discussions with the production team regarding editing of existing footage were underway.

Recently, the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 4 sentenced Kim Sae Ron, who was charged with violations of the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving) and other charges, to a fine of 20 million won.

Kim Sae-ron

The court pointed out that drunk driving is a crime that can cause serious damage to the life and property of others, and that Kim Sae Ron’s driving distance was not short. 

However, considering that she acknowledged her mistake, compensated the victim for damages, and that this was her first offense without any criminal punishment, she was sentenced to a fine of 20 million won.

The appeal period for the criminal trial is within seven days of the sentencing date, but both Kim Sae Ron and the prosecution have given up their right to appeal, and the first-instance sentence has been confirmed.

Source: Daum

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