BTS’s visual duo V and Jin drive fans nuts with how handsome and cute they look at “Permission To Dance” concert in Seoul

As expected of “World’s Most Handsome Man” V and “Worldwide Handsome” Jin. 

On March 12, V and Jin updated their personal Instagram with photos taken on the 2nd day of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL” concert held at Jamsil Stadium.

V turned the stage into an action movie set with his charismatic visuals in a racer outfit. He looked attractive as ever when wearing a racing jumpsuit and gloves.

Fans showed explosive reactions to V’s photos through comments such as “The racer outfit is legendary”, “I hope he keeps wearing it”, and “It’s like seeing a sculpture moving”.


Meanwhile, Jin shared new backstage moments of him at the concert, showing not only his cool but also cute charms. In one photo, Jin is wearing an adorable “RJ Koya” hat custom made from a BT21 cushion. When Jin came out wearing this hat at the concert, fans went crazy over how cute he looked.


In 2 other photos Jin took under the stage, he gives off different vibes from the previous cute photo by showing cool and sexy expressions.

Fans left comments such as, “The difference is amazing. He’s both cute and cool, and he does it all by himself”, “The photo in which he wears the RJ Koya hat is so cute, but when I saw the ones he posted after that, I was stunned by how handsome he looks.”

Meanwhile, BTS kicked off their ‘PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL’ concert on March 10, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans all around the world because this is BTS’s first domestic in-person concert in two and a half years.

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