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Kim Jong-kook, “Shin Bong-sun is better than Kim Seung-hye” (Problem Child in House)

Kim Jong-kook chose Shin Bong-sun between Kim Seung-hye and Shin Bong-sun.

Jo Hye-ryun appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House”, which aired on May 11th.

Jo Hye-ryun mentioned Kim Seung-hye as a member of FC Gavengers that she would like to introduce to Kim Jong-kook. She said, “My junior – Kim Seung-hye is really okay. However, she’s really stingy.”

Regarding this, Song Eun-yi revealed,Bong-sun likes Jong-kook a lot.”

When Kim Sook said Bong-sun is also a stingy person”, Song Eun-yi added, “I once visited Bong-sun‘s house in the winter and she told me not to take off my coat because she didn’t want to turn on the heater.” Kim Sook recalled, “It was really cold in the winter, but Eun-yi kept falling asleep. I hit her in the face. I thought she’s dead.”

When asked whom he would choose between the two, Kim Jong-kook answered,Bong-sun, whom I’ve known for a long time, is still better. Bong-sun, see you soon.”

Source: entertain.v.daum.net

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